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Norway will share Ukraine a system of remote monitoring of fishing vessels and catch reporting

published 28 October 2016 12:03

Ukraine will receive from Norway Software of remote monitoring of fishing vessels and catch reporting. The relevant agreement was reached between The State Agency of Fisheries of Ukraine and representatives of the Government of Norway in late September 2016.


"Norway is a world leader in the sector of fisheries and has one of the most advanced technologies in terms of control of illegal, unregulated and unaccountable fishing. The use of Norwegian expertise is crucial to reform fisheries Ukraine, as will improve the efficiency of fight against illegal fishing» - Yarema Kovaliv, Chairman of The State Agency of Fisheries of Ukraine said.

As he said, the software sharing is just the first step in a comprehensive cooperation between Ukraine and Norway and the result of a long negotiation process, which began in November 2015 within the Concept of reforming of fish industry Ukraine.

According to official statistics, industrial fishing in Ukraine is about 80 thousand tons. But the real figure, according to experts’ estimates, is much higher and reaches 200 thousand tons minimum (this figure takes into account estimates of undeclared fishing and poaching).

Norwegian monitoring system of industrial fishing based on the use of new hi-technologies. The special software can be installed as an application on a smartphone or a tablet. It can help you to monitor remotely ship, as well as to input data on fishing in real time. Such data immediately flows into a single electronic database that is open for employees of The State Agency of Fisheries of Ukraine and fish patrol. This will allow, for example, to carry out spot-checks whether an actual catch is declared at any time.

The system is designed for small-sized fishing vessels - from 3 to 12 meters, according to the Ship Registry Book of Ukraine there are registered 5035 such vessels. It will work in synergy with the system, designed for larger vessels – small-tonnage (from 12 meters to 45 meters), there are registered 110 such vessels in Ukraine and for large vessels (more than 45 meters) - there are 236 such units in Ukraine.

"Through the implementing of a monitoring system of industrial fishing, Ukraine will be able to real-time monitor its volumes. This is an important step for the legalization of the fish industry", - said Yarema Kovaliv. Also it will give an opportunity to improve the quality of data and trace the origin of the catch that will improve forecasts and will help scientists to trace the level of usage of resources by fishermen while allocating of quotas.

To combat unauthorized and undeclared fishing, the State Agency of Fisheries of Ukraine plans to apply an integrated approach. It includes the launch of fish patrol all over across Ukraine, the implementation of electronic monitoring and mandatory certificate of origin of fish.