The State Agency of Forestry of Ukraine: Forests were restored on an area equal to 74.5 thousand football fields in 2017

22.01.2018 10:12

In 2017, forestry enterprises subordinated to the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine fully completed the tasks of reforestation in places of last year's logs.

In total, the restoration of forests took place on an area of 53.2 thousand hectares. If taken in comparison, then this area is equal to 74.5 thousand football fields.

"Sowing and planting on the lands of forestry is executed on an area of 34.7 thousand hectares, which is 10% more than the annual task. In addition, 18,500 hectares of natural regeneration are included in the reforestation. These little seedlings and trees will be groomed and grown by foresters in the coming years for our future generations," Volodymyr Bondar, the Deputy Head of the State Agency of Forestry said.

He also noted that 1712 hectares of new forests were created in 2017.

"Last year was difficult for the forestry, but the forestry enterprises managed the task, and were able to provide the necessary reforestation at their own expense. I hope that this year we will be able to resume funding for forestry for the southern and eastern regions. This will enable to protect the forests from poachers, and to fulfill tasks of reforestation and increase the forestness of Ukraine", - Volodymyr Bondar stressed.