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Officially: the record harvest of 2018 strengthened the economic indicators of Ukraine, - Volodymyr Topchiy

published 27 March 2019 12:24

The final State Statistics Service data on the harvest of 2018 that were officially released on March 25 confirmed a significant contribution of farmers to the socio-economic stability and food security of the country. This was announced by Volodymyr Topchiy, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine during a video conference with the regional representatives dedicated to the spring field works and the state support programs in 2019.

The representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Hydro Meteorological Center as well as subordinate organizations and public associations participated in the conference call.

“The final report of the State Statistics Service on harvest 2018 confirmed crossing the historical for Ukraine grain production threshold in weight after processing - 70,057 tons with a yield of 47.4 centners per hectare. In addition, Ukraine has achieved the highest in the history figures of the gross harvest of corn, soybean, sunflower and sugar beet yields. These results made it possible to fully meet the domestic needs and food security of the state, as well as form a powerful export potential for the agricultural products to foreign markets in 2018/19 marketing year,” commented Volodymyr Topchiy.

The Deputy Minister thanked all the farmers for their hard work and good performance. In particular, the staple food crop  - wheat was received - 24,6 mln tons with a yield of 37.3 centners per hectare, corn - 35,8 mln tons with a yield of 78.4 centners / hectare, soybeans - 4,5 mln tons with a yield of 25,8 centners / hectare, sunflower - 14.2 million tons at a yield of 23 c / ha, the yield of sugar beet was 508 centners / ha.

During the conference, the representatives of all regions of Ukraine informed on the state of the spring fieldworks and received the answers to their questions.

As a separate topic of the meeting, the speakers touched upon the issues of availability of the resources to the farmers, impact of weather on the course of spring sowing, relevant issues of the state support programs in 2019 and the conclusion of forward contracts of the current year's harvest.

At the end, all participants agreed to keep an active dialogue with each other and cooperate to achieve high results.


The final harvest report 2018 is in attached file.

Press office of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine