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The government is realize agricultural support programs

published 01 March 2018 10:00

The government introducing specific programs of state support for the agrarian sector, which will allow agricultural producers to receive timely help and stop negative tendencies in the sectors that are now struggling.

                On 22 February was discussed during a videoconference with departments of agrarian and industrial complex of regional state administrations today. First Deputy Minister Maxim Martynyuk took part in a video conference from Sumy, where he is on a working trip.

«The peculiarities of this year's government programs are focus on livestock support, which has allocated 4 out of 6 billion hryvnias, and the development of entrepreneurship in the countryside, which will provide long-term economic and social benefits»,- said Maxim Martynyuk.

He added, that programs from the Government cover the widest range of agricultural producers - from enterprises to family farms and households. Information on the procedure for obtaining grants must reach absolutely every farmer.

After detailing the mechanisms for obtaining grants, representatives of the regions discussed preparations for spring-field works and the provision of material resources to commodity producers.

Thus, for 22 February, 16 regions started feeding the winter crops - the work was carried out on 592 thousand hectares, which is 8% of the forecast.

According to preliminary data of the regions, the crop area in 2018 is comparable to last year and is expected to reach 27.2 million hectares.  14.6 million hectares (54%) of pulse crops, which corresponds to the norm of the optimal ratio of crops in crop rotations.