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The one-fifth of the agrarian budget of Ukraine is provided for small producers

published 02 July 2019 09:19

This was stated by Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Olena Kovalova during the Sixth Plenary Session "Migration, agriculture and rural development" within the 41th Session of the FAO Conference in Rome.

"One-third of Ukraine's population lives in rural areas, three million of whom are engaged in agriculture. The work of these people forms 15% of the country's GDP and almost 40% of the total exports of the country, while the small producers account for almost half of gross agricultural output. There is a direct relationship between the provision of agriculture by workers and migratory processes. Therefore, we welcome the attention that FAO pays to the issue of migration, including minimizing its negative effects and using new opportunities, "Deputy Minister Olena Kovalova reported.

She added that migration is part of the development process, but it is important to provide conditions for the creation of new jobs in the countryside. And herein the priority tasks are, firstly, improvement the quality of life of the rural population by implementing rural development policies and strengthening the economic potential of local communities, and secondly, the expansion of inclusive employment in the agrarian sector.

"The issue of supporting small and medium-agrarian entrepreneurship, including family farms, is crucial here. The one-fifth of the agrarian budget of Ukraine (support programs) is provided for small producers, however, their right to participate in other support programs is not limited ", - Olena Kovalova stressed.


The conference includes 192 countries of the world.

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