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The Logistic headquarters will deal not only with “hot” topics, but will also develop the strategic decisions, - Olga Trofimtseva

published 07 March 2019 18:07

The interdepartmental headquarters for addressing operational logistics issues in the agriculture will respond not only to the existing and most critical issues associated with transportation of the agricultural goods, but also jointly with all stakeholders of the agricultural market will build a system of comprehensive and strategic solutions for a long-term prospective.

This was reported by Olga Trofimtseva, acting Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine at a regular meeting of the headquarters for addressing operational logistics issue in the agriculture today, on March 7. The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister Olena Kovalova, Deputy Minister Volodymyr Topchiy, the representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, State Forest Agency, OJSC Ukrzaliznytsia, SE "Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine", enterprises of the agro industrial complex and specialized associations.

“The logistics of the agricultural goods remains a bottleneck of the Ukrainian exports. In this respect, the members of the meeting came with a proposal to arrange such meetings on a regular and systematic basis. Apart from the existing and “hot” topics, the focus will be made on a long-term development strategy and efficiency of the logistics in the agro-industrial sector and the jointly developed solutions as well as proposals will be submitted to the meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,” Olga Trofimtseva said.

According to the acting Minister, among the key issues requiring the strategic discussion one can distinguish 3: the predictability of work / closure of low-density stations and the possibility of alternative solutions; fair and transparent tariffs; systemic vision on formation of transportation routes of the agricultural goods in 2019.

Furthermore, during the headquarters meeting, the interim results of transportation of the agricultural goods were announced.

In particular, the Administration of the seaports of Ukraine in a skype mode informed on the positive trends in the work of the ports. Thus, since the beginning of the year, 9 million 311 thousand tons of grain cargo were handled (reloaded) which is 35% more than during the same period of the last year. Shipment of sunflower oil increased to 1 million 95 thousand tons from the beginning of the year, which is by 13% more than in the same period last year. Also improved indicators for disinfection of rolling stock, release and reception of railroad cars to the warehouse.

For its part, Ukrzaliznytsia informed on a positive trend in reducing the turnover of cars compared to the beginning of the marketing year 2018/2019. Activities associated with resolution of the routing issues that will be jointly addressed are in progress.


An interdepartmental headquarters for addressing the operational logistics issues in agriculture was established in October 2018 following the meeting chaired by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion.

It is to be noted that, as of March 7, Ukraine since the beginning of the 2018/2019 MY has already exported 33.6 million tons of grain, leguminous plants and flour.