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Portal of normative monetary valuation of land plots

published 05 February 2019 02:01

According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decree “On conducting the national (all-Ukrainian) normative monetary valuation of the agricultural land” as of February 7, 2018 No 105  natural and agricultural zoning of lands of Ukraine was conducted and the scheme (a map) of natural and agricultural zoning of land of Ukraine was developed in scale of 1:500 000 with the distinction of natural taxonomic divisions, in particular, districts.  

The aforesaid resolution envisages that the normative evaluation of the agricultural land is determined in line with the standards of capitalized rent income on agricultural lands of the natural and agricultural areas of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, oblasts in accordance with the appendix and soil evaluation indicators by drawing the scales of normative monetary valuation of agro-industrial soil groups of natural and agricultural areas (for farm land). That is, the natural-agricultural zoning of the lands of Ukraine is the basis for calculation of the normative monetary evaluation of the farmlands.

In addition, the natural-agricultural zoning is to the greatest extent consistent with the tasks of state planning measures for the rational use of natural resources favorable to agriculture and their effective protection.

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