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The history of land reform in Ukraine: key stages

published 29 March 2019 11:13
  1. On 18.12.1990 – the Parliament of Ukraine (USSR) adopted Decree “On land reform” according to which all lands of the republic (Ukraine) were declared the object of the land reform.
  2. On 30.01.1992 – adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On the form of ownership of the land” by which 3 forms of ownership were introduced, namely: private, collective and state, notably all 3 forms of ownership were recognized as legally equal.
  3. On 13.03.1992 – the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the Decree “On acceleration of land reform and land privatization” which started the processes of denationalization, division (sharing), privatization of lands of the agricultural enterprises.
  4. On 26.12.1992 – adoption of the Cabinet of Ministers’ Decree “On privatization of land plots” which provided the opportunity to transfer the land plots into the private ownership to the citizens of Ukraine for the purpose of individual farming, construction and maintenance of residential houses and households, gardening, cottage and garage construction within the norms established by the Land Code of Ukraine.
  5. On 10.11.1994-adoption of the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On the immediate actions to accelerate the land reform in the sphere of agricultural production” that provided for division of land transferred into the collective ownership into land shares (plots) without partition in kind (on the ground).
  6. On 06.10.1998 – adoption of the law of Ukraine “On Land Lease” that regulates the lease relations and provides for the possibility to rent land parcels (shares) which became extremely necessary and important under conditions of transformation of forms of the economic activity in the rural areas.
  7. 03.12.1999 – adoption of President of Ukraine Decree “On the immediate actions to accelerate the reform of the agricultural sector” that envisaged free exit of the collective farm members from these enterprises with their land and property shares and creation of other economic entities based on the private ownership.
  8. On 25.10.2001 – adoption of a new Land Code of Ukraine that regulates land relations to create the necessary conditions for rationale use and protection of lands, equal development of all forms of land ownership and forms of economic activity.
  9. 22.05.2003 – adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On land management” that defines legal and organizational basis for activities in land management and is aimed at regulating the relations between public authorities, local governments, legal entities and physical persons to ensure sustainable land use development.
  10. 05.06.2003 adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On the procedure for allocation in kind (on the ground) of land parcels to the owners of the land plots (shares) which determined the organizational and legal basis for allocation of the land parcels (shares) to the owners of the land plots in kind (on the ground) from the lands owned by collective farms, cooperatives, agricultural joint-stock companies on the right of collective ownership and the procedure of exchange of these land plots.