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published 28 March 2019 22:04

Ukraine is an agrarian country. The agricultural sector of Ukraine (agriculture, food and processing industry) ensures food security and food independence of the country.

At the present moment, one of the primary goals of the state policy in the agricultural sector is creation of prerequisites to increase the share of high added value products in the agricultural production and receiving of the additional foreign exchange earnings from exports of organic production; increasing requirements to quality of the agricultural products, solving socio-economic problems associated with rural areas development, increasing the number of jobs, preserving soil fertility, improving the ecological status of the regions, introducing advanced agricultural practices and innovative approaches in the agricultural sector of the Ukrainian economy.

In July 10, 2018 The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine No. 5448-d “On the basic principles and requirements for organic production, circulation and labeling of organic products.” The law specifies the general principles of legal regulation related to organic production, circulation and labeling of organic products. 237 MPs voted for the corresponding draft law.

The previously mentioned Law of Ukraine introduces a clear and transparent system of registration of certification bodies, market operators and organic seeds, determines the mechanism of state control (supervision) of activities of organic market producers and establishes their responsibility for violating the legislation in this area. At the same time, the certification procedures for organic production and circulation of organic products are regulated, and requirements are set for the certification bodies with their functions. The law will come into force six months following its publication.

As the state statistical authorities, for the moment, do not produce the statistical reports on organic production, according to the Reform Support Team of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine in 2017, the total area of agricultural land with organic status and transitional period estimated to approx. 289 thousand hectares (0.7% of the total agricultural land of Ukraine). At the same time, there were 504 operators in the organic market. The largest number of the organic market operators are in Kyiv, Kherson, Vinnytsa, Odesa, Zhytomyr and Kharkiv regions. Areas that the Ukrainian certified organic farms occupy are of various sizes: from several hectares, as in most of the European countries, to several thousand hectares of arable land. In 2017, the consumer market of organic products in Ukraine amounted to EUR 29,4 mln, and per capita consumption is - 0.68 euros (for comparison: the average European consumer spends on organic products 40.8 EUR a year. Today, the domestic consumer market of organic products in Ukraine continues to expand through the main supermarket chains, which are more actively developing an attractive and image range of organic products. The major types of organic products produced and consumed in Ukraine are: fruits, vegetables, grain crops, meat and dairy products, cereals and bakery products. The range of organic products includes more than 100 kinds of goods of Ukrainian origin. The growth rate of domestic organic production is 5.5 times higher than in EU countries, and almost 5 times higher than in the world. The export volume in 2017 amounted to 99 million Euro. Ukrainian organic products were purchased mainly by the EU countries (the total amount was 95 million Euro.). The largest consumer countries of domestic organic products are the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, the USA, Canada, Australia and some Asian countries. The main export products are cereals, oilseeds, legumes, berries, fruits and wild plants. Also exported sunflower cake, flour, sunflower oil, sunflower meal, apple concentrate, nuts and birch juice. Improvement of legislation on organic production - in July 10, 2018 the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine "On the basic principles and requirements for organic production, circulation and labeling of organic products", which will be enacted on August 2, 2019. Currently, the Ministry is working on the development of legal acts, adoption of which is envisaged by the law that are 12: 3 resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and 9 orders of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy. 3 draft regulatory legal acts have been prepared, which are be sent to the central executive bodies for approval. These are two draft orders of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy: “On approval of the state logo for organic products”; “On Approval of the Procedure for confirming the specialized knowledge of an inspector of organic production and / or circulation of organic products in the field of organic production”, as well as a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On approval of the Procedure (detailed rules) of organic production and circulation of the organic products”.