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Geographical Indications

published 01 February 2019 03:10

Geographical indications are one of the types of voluntary protection of goods from unfair competition and are an effective tool for collective promotion of goods in the markets. The sign of a geographical indication is used on the product and certifies its high quality, a long tradition of production and a special connection with the area where it is produced. It can be soil and climatic features that distinguish specific geographical, traditional production methods that ensure the unique properties of the product. The goods can be protected by such an indication at the national and international level that enhances competitiveness of the goods in the markets due to its uniqueness.

The majority of food and drink intended for human consumption can be protected by geographical indication: meat, dairy products, fish, honey, fruits, vegetables, beverages made with plant extracts, bread, pasta, pastry, cakes, cookies, candy, chocolate, beer, wine, spirits, etc.

Geographical indications are actively used in the EU member states to increase the level of awareness of producers in order to attract increased attention of consumers to relevant food products.