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Ukraine’s Main Commitments on the Agriculture Agreement on Agriculture

published 27 January 2019 18:10

1. A commitment was undertaken for the amount of state support for agriculture based on years 2004-2006. The overall agreed volume of aggregate measure of support (AMS) for 2004-2006 is UAH 3,043.4 million. The content of the commitment is not to exceed the annual amount of internal support expressed in the AMS indicator.

2. The import tariff rates were reduced for all goods of group 1-24 of UKTZED (Ukrainian Commodity Coding System) and a specific or combined duty was transferred  to ad valorem. For certain types of agricultural products transition periods were agreed to liberalize access to the market, which expired: for 31 commodity positions – in 2010; for 6 commodity items – in 2013; for grape wine and spirits – in 2011

3. Ukraine entered into commitments to introduce an import tariff quota in the amount of 260 thousand tons for raw cane sugar at a reduced rate (2%), bringing it to 267.8 thousand tons in 2010.  Outside the quota, the import duty rate is 50% of the customs value. The quota will be distributed on a first come first served basis within 3 years from the date of entry into the WTO. Since January1, 2011 the distribution of the balance of the tariff quota for imports of raw sugar from cane is done on a «first come – first served» basis.

4. Indicative prices are canceled and a commitment is undertaken not to apply mandatory minimum prices for the imported goods.

5. A commitment was made not to apply any mandatory minimum export prices, not to apply export subsidies for agricultural products, the export licensing requirements and other export restrictions that will be introduced in the future shall be applied in accordance with the GATT / WTO rules.

6. A commitment was made to reduce export duties on live cattle, sheep and raw leather, seeds of some oilseeds.

Export duty on oilseeds (sunflower, camelina, flax) decreased by 1% annually from 16% to 10%, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine of 10.09.1999 № 1033 «On the rates of export (export) duties on seeds of certain species of oilseeds» (with amendments and additions). As of 01.01.2019, the rate of export (export) duty is 10% of the customs value of the goods. 

The export duty on live cattle and leather raw materials decreased in accordance with the Law of Ukraine of 07.05.1996 No. 180 «On export (export) duty on live cattle and leather raw materials» (with amendments and additions) as follows:

  • for live cattle (cattle and live sheep and goats) was reduced to 50% at the time of entry, and then decreased annually by 5 percentage points to a value of 10%. As of 01.01.2019, the export (export) duty rate is 10% of the customs value of the goods;
  • for leather raw materials (skin of cattle, sheep and goats, pigs) decreased from 30% to 20% with an annual decrease of 1 percentage point. As of 01.01.2019 the rate of export (export) duty is 20% of the customs value of the goods.

7. A commitment was undertaken not to try to apply special protection measures (Article 5) of the Agriculture Agreement (charging an additional import tariff in the event of certain circumstances: rapid import growth or if the import price falls below a certain level).

8. A commitment was made not to introduce or apply quantitative import restrictions or other non-tariff measures, such as licensing, quotas, prohibitions, permits, etc., which can not be justified under the provisions of the relevant WTO Agreement.

9. Taxes, including VAT and excise, will be applied on a non-discriminatory basis to imports from WTO member countries and domestically produced goods.