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International Technical Assistance

published 27 January 2019 17:08

According to the current legislation of Ukraine, international technical assistance (ITA) - financial and other resources and services, in accordance with the international agreements of Ukraine provided by donors on a free and non-repayable basis in order to support Ukraine. Legislatively, such assistance is regulated by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 15.02.2002 No. 153 and agreements on technical and economic cooperation of Ukraine with countries and international organizations that are donors. Along with the international organizations, the donor may be a foreign state, the government and the authorities authorized by the Government of a foreign state or a foreign municipal body.

International technical assistance may be provided in a form of:

  • any property that is imported or acquired in Ukraine necessary to ensure fulfillment of the tasks of the projects;
  • works and services;
  • intellectual property rights;
  • financial resources (grants) in national or foreign currency;
  • other resources not prohibited by law, including scholarships

In accordance with the aforementioned resolution, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade coordinates activities related to the attraction, use and monitoring of the ITA. The ITA projects are subject to mandatory state registration and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, as the beneficiary, in its turn, within a month, by internal Order defines the project coordinator and the responsible person.

Agricultural projects for 2019

Supported by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany

  • “Providing consultation on agricultural trade issues – under the Agreement of Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) between the EU and Ukraine” (registration card No 3529);
  • “Promoting vocational training in the agricultural colleges of Ukraine” (Registration card No 3750)
  • “German-Ukrainian agro-political dialogue” (registration card No 2833-01);

Supported by the European Union

  • “Support to Agricultural and Food Policy Implementation in Ukraine” (registration card No 3407);
  • “Support to the development of a Geographical Indication system in Ukraine” (registration card No 3832).

Supported by the Government of Ukraine

  • “Ukraine horticulture business development project” (registration card No 3158-02);
  • “Dairy business development project in Ukraine” (registration card No 3090).

Supported by the USAID

  •  “The agriculture and rural development support (ARDS) project in Ukraine” (registration card No 3524)

In addition, the World Bank and the European Union jointly launched the implementation of the project: “Supporting Transparent Land Governance in Ukraine” (registration card No. 3968)