The Ministry of Agrarian Policy summed up the results of 2017

22.01.2018 09:58

First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Maxim Martynyuk identified short-list factors that influenced the agrarian sector. Ten industry events and trends were published in his author's column in one of the editions.

Among the first definitions in the list is the consistency of state support and preferences for small and medium-sized producers. So, for the development of farms and agricultural cooperatives in 2018, UAH 1 billion has been set.

In the opinion of the First Deputy Minister, important trends that emerged in 2017 and will affect the industry in the future also are the convergence of the cost of land lease with market realities, the consolidation of players in the agrarian and food sectors, the further divergence of the CIS-EU poles in the export structure. As for the latter, according to the results of nine months of 2017, agricultural exports to the EU grew by 39.7% up to 4.03 billion dollars, while in the CIS countries - by only 16.1% to 937.5 million dollars.

In addition, in the summary list - the synchronization of registers (the Register of the real rights of the Ministry of Justice and the State Land Cadastre began to exchange data online) and harmonization of standards with the EU (adopted laws "On state control in the field of food safety and quality" and "On safety and food hygiene of feed").

According to Maxim Martynyuk, livestock recovery is still a negative trend, but due to significant support in 2018 (UAH 4 bln.), we can expect a positive dynamics.

The undeniable impact on the sector was a continuation of the land moratorium. "From the advantages - participants of land relations received an annual respite and the opportunity to conduct better preparation for reform.Among the minuses is the preservation of inappropriate status quo in rural areas, the predominant raw model of production, and the strengthening of the positions of the big business, "said the First Deputy Minister.

Ends this short-list the awareness of need to revise the tax regime, which is one of the important tasks for 2018.Also, among the unresolved issues to be addressed in the upcoming year, Maxim Martynyuk has identified the land reform and the Chinese contract of SFGCU. In general, he said, the influence of positive factors prevailed in the industry.


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