Tanzanian market has interesting niches for Ukrainian goods - Olga Trofimtseva

20.01.2017 14:02

Ukrainian producers have great opportunities to export fertilizers, soybeans, processed products and pulses to market of Tanzania. Also Tanzanians are interested in supplies from Ukraine of small agricultural machinery and equipment for processing of agricultural products.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister Ms. Olga Trofimtseva after a meeting with the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investments of Tanzania Mr. Charles J.P. Mwijage, within the framework of the trade mission to Africa.

"With the positive development of production and processing of milk in Ukraine, supply of powdered milk to market of Tanzania could be promising. There might be a strong demand for Ukrainian flour, meat, fertilizers, including organic fertilizers and processing equipment, "- Olga Trofimtseva said.

Olga Trofimtseva and Trade Representative of Ukraine Natalia Mykolska together with the Tanzanian colleague had an opportunity to visit a national industrial exhibition and see the variety of goods, including agricultural and food products produced by local industry. "Ukrainian producers of food should also pay attention to food exhibition FOODAGRO AFRICA, which will be held 22-24 August 2017 and is the largest specialized exhibition in Eastern Africa with more than 20 thousand participants including 500 foreign companies," - the Deputy Minister noted.

Besides meeting at the Ministry, members of the delegation, including representatives of Ukrainian business, held meetings with the CEOs of Standardization Bureau of Tanzania and Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority. Ukrainian business side, for its part had a direct opportunity to ask questions about the regulatory system requirements for food safety, standardization, and import licensing procedures.

"The market of Tanzania certainly, is very difficult to work on it. It has its own specificity and own rules. But, thanks to the free trade areas and customs agreements between African countries from Cairo to Dar es Salaam, it provides an opportunity to enter into the rapidly growing market with more than 500 mln consumers ", - added Olga Trofimtseva.

For information:

Trade turnover between Ukraine and the United Republic of Tanzania amounted to $ 8 537 thousands USD, of which exports amounted to - $ 186 thousand USD, import - $ 8 million 351 thousands USD.

Ukraine exported:

alcohol beverages - 226 tons with worth of $ 144 thousand USD;

vermouth - 19 tons with worth of $ 13 thousand USD;                   

wine of fresh grapes - 18 tons with worth of $ 12 thousand USD;

soybean meal - 22 tons with worth of $ 11 thousand USD;

beer - 19 tons with worth of $ 6 thousand USD.

The main products of import were:

raw tobacco - 1.7 ths. tons in the amount of $ 7.9 million USD;

tea - 49 tons with worth of $ 256 thousand USD;

seeds for sowing - for $ 83 thousand USD;

dried pepper, chili powder - 12 tons with worth of $ 50 thousand USD;

coffee - 14 tons with worth of $ 48 thousand USD;


nuts, coconut, Brazil, cashew - 5 tons with worth of $ 36 thousand USD.