04-12-2017 14:07
Maxym Martynyuk discussed issues of dairy industry support with milk producers

04-12-2017 14:05
Ukraine exported almost 17 million tons of grain of the new crop

04-12-2017 14:03
Implementation of ongoing investment projects will create more than 16,000 new jobs – Kovaliova

04-12-2017 14:01
Ukrainian exports of agricultural products has increased by $ 2.7 billion compared to the 2016 year -Olga Trofimtseva

04-12-2017 13:59
Capital investments in agriculture reached UAH 40.5 billion

06-10-2017 17:24
“Organic trade requires unified and transparent rules at all stages”, Trofimtseva

20-01-2017 16:45
Ukraine and Kuwait are equally interested in mutually beneficial cooperation

20-01-2017 16:43
We have areas for deepening cooperation with Lithuanian partners - Olga Trofimtseva

20-01-2017 14:02
Tanzanian market has interesting niches for Ukrainian goods - Olga Trofimtseva

19-01-2017 17:08
Ukrainian beef will be supplied to the Egypt market - Taras Kutovyi

19-01-2017 17:05
Minister: Ukraine is ready to supply regularly agricultural products to Qatar and extend its nomenclature

19-01-2017 17:00
Kutovyi: Cooperation within the framework of the German-Ukrainian Agropolitical Dialogue is important for carrying out reforms

19-01-2017 16:55
Kutovyi: We will continue working towards deepening cooperation with Macedonia

19-01-2017 16:50
Bilateral trade with Kenya should receive a new impetus for development - Olga Trofimtseva

19-01-2017 16:48
Ukraine deepens cooperation on access of Ukrainian agricultural and food products to the market of China

18-01-2017 18:28
Taras Kutovyi: Mutually beneficial relations between Ukraine and Italy should be brought to a new level

18-01-2017 18:25
Volodymyr Lapa, The only resource to increase domestic production - the development of export markets

18-01-2017 18:23
We have three key objectives in forming trade policy of Ukraine - Olga Trofimtseva

18-01-2017 18:21
The United Nations World Food Programme is interested in expanding the participation of Ukrainian producers to ensure the global food security

17-01-2017 19:02
Primary processing - the way of entering the foreign markets for Ukrainian fruits and vegetables - Olga Trofimtseva